Warning: Many of the steps are not needed, but if a thing is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.


1 Broken Hockey Stick (we used our True Hockey sticks for obvious reasons)

4 Hockey Pucks

8 1 ½” screws


Power Drill

Sandpaper / Electric Sander (electric is MUCH easier)

Saw (Circular Saw works best)


Step 1: Find a broken stick. No, it is not necessary to use a broken one, but come on.

Step 2: Cut on a 45 degree angle. Yes, you can cut straight but cutting on an angle will leave less sharp edges for travel and allow screws to drill in deeper.



Step 3: Drill two pilot holes in the sticks to make it easier to mount the pucks.

Step 4: Drill 2 pucks together with 1 screw on each end (polar ends). I recommend using 1 ½” screws because the nails do not stick out. Again, this is an important aspect if you care about the interior of your care or your hands when they’re in travel.



Step 5: Sand the edges that were cut and any excess from drilling. This is an important step if you care about the interior of your car or your hands when they’re in travel.

Step 6: Using the pilot holes, drill 2 more screws through the stick into the empty space on the pucks. By using the 45 degree angle and 1 ½” screws, they will be secured well with no protruding ends.


Step 7: Give them a quick wipe to remove the debris and dust.



Step 8: Go Practice and Keep Getting Better!





Keep skating! Have fun and keep getting better..



The PowerSkating Academy is a one-of-a-kind power skating school in the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. Today’s topic was a step-by-step, DIY (do it yourself) guide on how to make your own stick apparatuses.

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