Private lessons are an essential part of elite athletic development starting around the age of 13 (age varies with maturity and desire to improve). They offer the athlete an opportunity to solidify their pre-existing knowledge and skills or to change their technique with a training plan specifically made for them. Compared to a group lesson, a private lesson will allow the athlete to perform more quality reps with player specific corrections and video feedback to accelerate their performance. Through the nature of one-on-one lessons, an intimate connection will be formed between the coach, player, and parent. This allows the coach to push the mental and physical capabilities of the player while teaching the parent the most important cues to look for in the game/practice. This parent-skater-coach triangle is a powerful tool for your son/daughter’s success.

For younger athletes, private lessons offer an opportunity to gain information quickly and target specific areas in their development. It homes in on specific areas to allow players to reach new levels that they are on the cusp of.

With that being said, I think of private lessons as an earned privilege. They are more intense and exposing; they require more focus to get the most out of them. Private lessons are also considerably more expensive and are not for everyone. However, they are an incredibly powerful tool for an athlete when they are ready.

See you on the ice!

Dave Levtov

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