Over the years, our students and their parents have expressed the impact that our lessons have had on their skating ability, hockey careers, and personal lives. Check out some of our testimonials below.

“Dave and Laura Levtov of PowerSkating Academy represent the “Gold Standard” in skating instruction. Their attention to detail, energy, passion for sport and commitment to their students, employees and partners is extraordinary. As a former member of Team Canada and retired professional hockey player I have a keen eye for talent in an industry that is starved of unique ideas and teaching methods. Dave and Laura have championed teachings that are both refreshing and scientific in proving results. I have personally been instructed by PSA and have had clients work with them to enhance their elite level hockey development. Dave and Laura instruct in a manner that resonates with the beginner to the NHL caliber player.

Additionally, their philosophy is adaptable to female and male skaters. An organization looking to enhance its development program would benefit greatly from working with PSA.”

– Bryan Deasley, 1st round NHL Draft, Pro Hockey Player, Manager and Advisor to many NHL Players 

“I have been in the hockey world for a long time, playing, coaching and teaching. I started by playing in the THL, OHA (Toronto Marlboros), NHL (Toronto Maple Leafs), CHL, AHL, WHA (Toronto Torors) and Sweden-Elite and during the early Junior years back in the 60′s I started to teach young boys how to play hockey. Over the years I had many hockey school experiences, had my own school for 15 years, and always thought of myself as a pretty progressive teacher. I had learned vast amounts of teaching knowledge while playing 4 years in Sweden and took that knowledge into my coaching including the OHL (Toronto Marlboros) and continued to run hockey schools, clinics etc for many years.

Then I had a chance meeting with Laura Levtov and chance to see how she was teaching young players to skate. I was floored, amazed and immediately wanted to be part of her team. The PowerSkating Academy has an amazing program that teaches the players how to skate properly, using the edges the way they are supposed to be used. They teach the proper balance so the player can stop, turn and drive off their blades with the most power, does it work miracles overnight, no. It is like anything else in life, you don’t become a great pianist by not learning the basics, once the basics are mastered then the artist takes over. Hockey is no different, you have to have the basics of skating, a good skater makes a good hockey player because they now have the balance, power and control of their feet to allow them to use their arms and hands for the other skills required for the game.

Watching them teach is like watching paint dry, doing inside/outside edgework, turning their heads, hips over and over and over, but when you see the players get the edge work, the control, the balance then you see fantastic improvement in their puck handling skills, A player cannot shoot or pass without the proper balance but too many clinics spend way too much time on puck control, when the problem is that the foot work is not solid, if the base of the pyramid is weak the whole structure is in trouble.

I could go on and on about how dedicated they are to making every boy and girl be the best skater they possibly can be, you just have to watch and see how the instructors work with the players, with only one thing in mind, making every player a better skilled player. They stick to a tough routine, they don’t compromise, they demand the player works hard, always making sure that each player is having fun but learning. Their instructors are not only dedicated and fun instructors they are quality people, picked for their people skills, (not their status of hockey level) that translates into a quality run program.

The PowerSkating Academy is by far the best program I have ever witnessed for young hockey players to learn how to skate. I only wish that when I was a young hockey player that I would have had the opportunity to have them teach me how to skate properly. If you have a chance to be part of their program, I can only say it will benefit the players more than you could ever imagine.

Laura and Dave’s dedication to the dream of changing how young Canadian Hockey players learn how to skate and master the skills of hockey is infectious, innovative and inspiring. Any organization that wants its young athletes to learn how to skate and get the basics for a life in hockey, look no further than the PowerSkating Academy’s program, you will be pleasantly surprised. I am not just saying that, I am a tough hockey critic and they impress the heck of me.”

– Tom Martin, Former NHLer, Head Coach of The Toronto Marlies

We, as a family, have had the tremendous experience of having both our young boys (8 & 4) skate with the PowerSkating Academy.

Their development through a systematic, hands on, and personalized approach has been nothing short of excellent. The coaches and founders of the PowerSkating Academy have assembled a knowledgeable, personable energetic staff that employs a thorough, progressive state of the art teaching experience.

As a former Canadian Olympian and current CiS university coach, I am always studying and observing intently, coaches from all sports across the board. The care, and concentrated attention to detail of the fundamentals, employed by the PowerSkating Academy, I believe, is cutting edge in the world of skating instruction.

The progress and enthusiasm of my own children is matched by the other participants I have observed in the Academy.

I whole heartedly endorse the PowerSkating Academy as a leader in the development of skating fundamentals, with an atmosphere of learning and co-operation, second to none.

– John Barrett, Varsity Blues Head Coach, Men’s Volleyball University of Toronto

I am writing with regards to our experience with training through the PowerSkating Academy. Our team has used PowerSkating Academy for training for several years, both for team training and extra training away from team practices. We have been absolutely thrilled with the results for our boys and make the PowerSkating Academy group and programs the fixture of pre-season and seasonal training each and every year.

Our players get a huge lift from this type of coaching and we find that the PowerSkating coaches are very good at having the players work on difficult skating techniques, while keeping it fun for all.

Since we started using Dave and Laura the skating technique of our players has vastly improved. We have typically had top teams in our division each and every year. If there were one thing that I would change, it would be using these coaches each and every week throughout a season.

– Toreigh Stuart, Manager, Leaside Atom A

As an ex professional hockey player, I have seen and worked with many skating instructors. When I started following Dave and Laura I honestly can say they have it right. I started taking their classes and the attention to detail is like no other, and I have learned so much over the time I have spent with them. I honestly believe that hockey is now a game where if you do not do something to get an advantage you will fall behind, and with Dave and Laura you will bring your skating to a new level.

– Chris Longo, NHL Draft for Washington Capitals, Pro Hockey Player

As the game of hockey has progressed over the past 20 years since my days playing high-level hockey, it has necessitated that an entirely new approach be taken to developing a player’s skill set – especially if the player hopes to compete competitively. I know of no other power skating school that has a better grasp of what those essential skills are today and how to bring a unique approach to individualized player advancement than Dave and Laura Levtov’s Powerskating Academy. Our son’s skill level has blossomed since joining their program.

– Anthony Wile, NHL Draft to Chicago Blackhawks, Former Semi-Pro Hockey Player

As the head coach for a teams in the NYHL, and the GTHL, I can attest that the teams who are the best skating teams overall tend to have the most fun. Having the ability to skate well makes all the other parts of the game easier like passing or shooting. In addition you burn less energy when it is done properly which allows you to be a more effective player.

Learning to skate well is actually a difficult thing to do. As a child, my father made me skate with our local figure skating association – much to my horror as I was a ‘hockey player’. However, looking back they knew how to teach skating and the fundamentals that I lacked as a hockey player.

As a parent, I had taken my two boys to several other power skating type programs in our area and was never happy as my children were not being taught how to skate correctly. I wanted someone to slow down and teach my kids how to skate, much like I was taught by the figure skating association.

I found Laura and Dave and the PowerSkating Academy and once I saw them working on the ice I knew this was the fit I was looking for. They spend a tremendous amount of time on focusing on doing it right, working on all edges, balance, proper form and technique – I wish I had found them sooner. My two boys look forward to going and working on these parts of the skating as they have seen results. They are also able to do this in a fun environment that strives for excellence.

I highly recommend them for any parent or coach looking to improve their teams overall skating ability.

Kyle O’Brien, Drafted by North Bay – OHL
Played at RIT – NCAA 4 years 1st team all ECAC
Played in ECHL, COHL, CHL
Coached Stouffville Spirit Jr A
Current GTHL coach

“Great edge technique is the key to speed, agility, maneuverability and balance and if you go out to watch a power skating session as we did, you can see that the kids on the ice are getting this message and enjoying themselves in the process.“

Snap Beaches. http://www.snapbeaches.com/display/77773/544/

“Passion, skills key element “

– John Cudmore, The Liberal

I can truly say that this past year, I witnessed both of you deliver with skill and passion an excellent power skating program. I could not believe the confidence and attitude instilled in each player and by the end improving not by just steps but by floors.

Thank you so much.

– Gino Iaquinta, Manager Richmond Hill Stars A Team 2007/08


My son has a passion for hockey. Dave Levtov has a passion for teaching.The PowerSkating Academy has been instrumental in giving my son a solid skating foundation, allowing him to play high level competitive hockey. Dave and the instructors at PowerSkating Academy have taught and strengthened the fundamentals of skating to my son. The attention to detail is impressive. My son is encouraged and pushed to be his best. I believe in the PowerSkating Academy “slow and perfect” philosophy. Highly recommended.

– Robert Chen, Hockey Parent

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