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PowerSkating Academy is a one of a kind hockey school that teaches skating at a level unheard of in the industry. We teach comprehensive classes in skating, power skating, stick and puck skills, and much more. We offer skating and hockey classesskating clinics, and hockey team training in Toronto, Vaughan, Belleville, and surrounding areas.

Owned and operated by elite coaches Dave and Laura Levtov, PowerSkating Academy has developed a solid reputation for exceptional coaching that makes a positive difference. Our philosophy is based on high-performance principles and practices, as well as the long-term development methodology used by elite athletes and other professionals at the top of their game.

We’re slow, precise, and totally effective, helping each student build a solid foundation that they can develop over the course of their hockey or skating careers.

We create great skaters

At PowerSkating Academy, excellence in skating is a passion and a practice. By developing correct technique, we open doors for students of all ages and skill levels to achieve their full potential. We believe in the long term development model, first correcting and solidifying foundation. By coaching, caring, and communicating, we instill a love for hockey that lasts a lifetime.

We create great skaters and hockey players, as well as confident people!

Our Mission

We are committed to:

  • Raising the skill level of hockey, from youth to pro levels.
  • Providing a specialized, high-quality program that develops correct technique right from the start, opening doors to achievement, and instilling a love for skating and hockey in all of our students.
  • Offering students who aspire to be elite athletes a high-performance training environment, along with the knowledge and resources needed to pursue hockey at national and international levels.
  • Sharing our knowledge, hearts, souls, experiences and love of skating with all students.


philosophyOur Philosophy

At PowerSkating Academy, our goal is to help anyone who loves to play hockey to reach his or her full potential—both on and off the ice. We strive to be the best skating coaches in the world by integrating high-performance principles and practices that are used by elite athletes, musicians, and other professionals at the top of their game.

Being the best means being different, and at our skating school you’ll notice an immediate difference.



We have broken down each skill involved in skating and hockey into individual components. This allows us to precisely hone in on each players weaknesses and focus on eliminating those weaknesses through constant repetition, reinforcement, correction, and attention to details.

Permanent habits are formed through perfect practice. We teach the discipline of excellent practice and make immediate and ongoing corrections to technique so that students practice correctly and form excellent habits from the get-go. Our method is slow, precise, comprehensive, and totally effective.

You’ll notice that our students spend every minute of their lesson learning, practicing, and receiving hands-on instruction and correction. Our “slow and perfect” methodology creates a rock-solid foundation that hockey players can continue to build on over their careers.



Being able to imitate a movement or a technique isn’t enough to master it and repeat it. Excellent technique must be communicated in a way that the student can comprehend both physically and mentally. Our coaches focus on every aspect of what being the best requires: how to practice correctly; how to use visualization; how to overcome perceived performance barriers; how to push oneself to reach full potential. Our approach is therefore intimate, enabled by an approximate 6:1 coach-to-student ratio.

You’ll notice that our lessons are quieter, more intimate, and more collaborative than what you have likely experienced in other environments.


Elite Training

Whether a student is 5 or 50-years-old, a youth or a pro, we teach to the highest standards. We know that the difference between an amateur and an elite performer in any sport or profession is how they practice. Amateurs practice to be able to do something perfectly one time. Professionals practice so that they can do it 1,000 times perfectly. We understand the difference.

You’ll notice that our coaches do more than push students through drills. Coaches also communicate in detail about why something is or isn’t happening; they motivate students to achieve more than they thought they could accomplish; and, they equip students with the tools, techniques, and understanding needed to realize those goals.

Questions? Get in touch with us at (416) 406-0550

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