Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your school different than any other power skating school?

World class coaching! Modern scientific technique, hands-on instruction and skill correction, and passionate and experienced coaches! We get results.

I need my child to skate faster! Can you help?

Yes! But greatness takes time. Speed comes from proper technique, mental belief, individual desire, and body/mass index, etc. All classes are done in slow motion to teach correct technique and to ensure proper muscle memory.

Which class should I register my child for?

There is a basic description of each class on our website. Each class has a Program Director supervising the groups at all times to ensure that your child is in the appropriate group based on their age and ability.Questions? Please call the office at 416.406.0550.

My child is the fastest skater in his group. Can he move?

Sometimes you may see that your child is the fastest in their group. The athletes are arranged by foundational level determined by the Directors, and will be adjusted at their discretion if needed. By focusing on the foundation of an athlete we ensure they progress year after year.

Do you offer private lessons?

Private skating lessons at PowerSkating Academy are an earned privilege! Our private lessons are only offered to skaters who are currently registered with PowerSkating Academy. Our private lessons are for older, elite, competitive athletes, and can only be booked outside of our regular class hours. Working one-on-one with a coach is an intense experience that can take the ready athlete to all-new levels of performance.

Skaters who are new to PowerSkating Academy should begin their lessons with us in our exclusive weekly classes to master their foundations through correct technique and repetitive exercises.

Do you offer adult beginner lessons and lessons for adult hockey players?

We do offer lessons for adults. Our adult groups are formed based on interest, and as such may not be available in every class. Please contact the office for more information.

Do you offer drop-ins?

PowerSkating Academy does not offer drop-ins. We believe that drop-ins are based on money, not development, and are disruptive to our classes. Imagine signing up for only one piano lesson?

Do you offer make-up classes?

To ensure lesson quality, we do not offer make-up lessons in any of our classes.

Why do I have to pay for classes if I cannot attend?

We prepare for each class by making sure we have the right instructor for everyone enrolled. All classes are properly staffed with experienced coaches. Coaches are hired on a contract basis for each class in the session. You may be absent, but the coach is still there and ice costs and agreements must be met.

What kind of hockey equipment, hockey skates or figure skates should I buy and where?

Skates are the most important piece of equipment in hockey and for your lessons. The quality and proper fit directly affect your progress. Skates make a difference! We highly recommend going to a sport specific store that spends time fitting you and/or your child properly.

Questions? Get in touch with us at (416) 406-0550

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