Many of you know us from our skating classes, but what you might not know is that we also train teams! We can prepare and run practices for teams of any age and skill level. Our practices focus on power skating and technical skating, with the option of incorporating or adding technical shooting and/or puck skill. Depending on your team’s needs and/or budget, we will send 1-3 coaches to run/co-run your practice at a 5:1 player coach ratio. We find that a 5:1 player coach ratio is the best ratio to give technical corrections while maximizing repetitions without bag-skating players (it’s hard to make technical corrections and even harder to make them when you’re tired).

Our team training is structured in a repeating pattern of assessments and developments to ensure progression towards your team’s goals. It starts out with a discussion between one of our directors and one of your coaches about the teams needs and aspirations. We would then run a session with 3 of our coaches to evaluate the skill level of your team. This allows us to recommend a development plan with your team’s needs and desires in mind. Depending on your team’s development timeline, we would reassess the skill of your team every 6-8 weeks (if you opt for an 8-week period, there is less room for changes based on reassessments compared to a 20-week period). All development decision would be made in collaboration with your team’s coaching staff to ensure that your players are progressing towards your end goal.

We encourage all of your coaches to join us while we’re leading your practice to see different ways of teaching and correcting. This also allows you to understand the cues we give and correct your team when we’re not around for a consistent message.

See you on the ice!

Dave Levtov

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