YESThe funSKATE & funSKATE+ programs receive report cards.  

NO. They do not ALWAYS receive report cards. 

USUALLYWe usually don’t give reports during the SPRING & SUMMER sessions. 

 This blog will hopefully clear up some confusion and helps us explain our thinking.   

Why we give out report cards: 

We like to offer the parent an opportunity to learn about the progress their child has made and the steps we will take to continue to improve their ability. We check off what skating skill their childcan execute and what techniques they were working on during the session.  


Why we don’t always give out report cards: 

We personalize every card for each student and we write tidbits that a child can focus on to continue their improvement. In order to properly evaluate a student and mark their ability, time is required. In a short session such as our Spring 2019 Schedule and our Summer 2019 Schedule, we focus our attention to make improvements and we don’t spend time marking.  


Learn to Play: 

We do not give oureports for our Learn to Play programs because we feel it isn’t fair to evaluate a student on different aspects: skating, shooting, passing and hockey gameplay.  


Power Skating: 

We do not give out reports for any program at this skating level or above. We keep an in-house database which includes our of skaters and their skating level which is evaluated by our own marking system we have created. 



For any questions about skating level or what skills are included at each level, please feel free to ask one or our on-ice directors at your child’s skating lessons. Remember, on-ice directors wear red coats.  


Keep skating! Have fun and keep getting better!



The PowerSkating Academy is a one-of-a-kind power skating school in the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. Today’s topic was about our report cards and the decisions we make as to whether or not we mark students during a session. 

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