There are two methods to learn if you child is ready for a Master Power Skating Class. At the PowerSkating academy, foundation comes first!

The Master Power Skating class is for graduates of our Power Skating Levels and/or

hockey players 12 years and up who are playing ‘AA’ or ‘AAA’.

Method 1:

The process involves a director informing you if your student or child is read. Preferably before one of the classes that your child is enrolled in, you can find one of our directors. They are easily noticeable because they will be the coaches on the ice wearing RED JACKETS. If they are on the ice, you can wave to them and they will have a conversation with you, and if they are off the ice, simply ask.

They will ask your child’s name and what group they are in. If there is time in the class, then they will assess them during the class, or the alternative is that they will make a note to view the student during the next Power Skating class. You will then be advised on the best path for the student to take to continue their learning and ensure they improve.


Method 2:

The next alternative is if you are not a student of the PowerSkating Academy and you have not progressed through our levels. The exception to our rule that includes an age and level component could be compared to the Exceptional-Player Status in the NHL or OHL. Although not as rare as the cases in the National Hockey League or Ontario Hockey League, the idea is the same, that sometimes players  just have a higher level of skating based on their age and the hockey playing ability.

A big aspect of skating ability is strength, which comes with age. Another aspect is skill, which can be conditioned through years of playing at a high level. Unfortunately, playing high level hockey does not equal being a good skater, it does guarantee certain aspects of one’s skating ability.

We hope this answered any questions you may have had and feel free to reach out to us via email, phone or social media (Facebook or Instagram).


Keep skating! Have fun and keep get better..



The PowerSkating Academy is a one-of-a-kind power skating school in the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. Thank you for reading this Blog about Am I ready for a Master Class. For more information on the Master Power class, follow this link.

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