Hello skaters. 

I hope everybody is staying safe and well out there.  


Obviously, our spring session hasn’t started yet, even though it is springtime, and we can’t say for certain when this session or the next can begin.  Like the rest of the world, PowerSkating Academy is in a state of limbo.  

For example, I still have most of my spring ice contracts with the rinks, so in theory we could start up in June.  Yet no one knows when we can actually restart on-ice training or what form that will take.  

For now, all spring, summer and summer camps have been put on hold. For those who have already paid, I have been asking that these be held as a credit toward future sessions, once they resume.  I’m hopeful we can restart with a shortened spring, or that we can shift current registrants into summer classes or clinics and fall sessions. I am very thankful for those of you who have accepted this arrangement and I completely understand those of you who have requested a refund.   

In the meantime, we are providing free Zoom/FaceTime lessons for our skaters to help everyone to maintain some progress during this enforced pause in face to face training.   

Also, I hope you have been following us on Instagram and Facebook. We have been putting some informational videos, off-ice training and lesson ideas out there. 

I’m encouraged that the NHL is working frantically toward a playoff for the 2019-20 season, and the GTHL is trying to organize the start of their 2020-21 season.  Who knows what it will look like, but these are encouraging signs.  

As the province slowly starts to reopen, I hope to get back to work on the ice with all of you soon.  


Thanks, and let’s stay in touch, 

Dave Levtov 

Owner/Head coach 


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