Why We Use Figure 8’s

Bavi_PowerSkating_0143BAS_0758-320x194Why do we teach figure 8s? Simply, they are the scales to music. Math to engineering. When used properly they are one of the most effective teaching tools for all skaters, especially hockey players.

The negatives: Slow and boring to watch for a parent.

Very technical, so very hard for the skater to master.

Too technical for the parent, it all looks the same.

So why is it an integral part of our methodology? Because teaching figure 8’s is the most effective way to teach a clean and controlled strong edge. Each skate has 4 edges: forward inside, forward outside, backwards inside, and backwards outside, plus a flat or neutral. Figure 8’s teach you to master the basic pivots in hockey: the Mohawk, the bracket, and more. They teach you hip twisting for shooting in hockey. They teach you to control your upper body and hands for stick handling, passing and shooting.

More hip control on the figure 8’s open hip is essential to modern day hockey skating. Figure 8’s also teach you to focus and discipline. Figure 8’s are very hard to master and there are several levels of them. They are an essential part for what we do!

Dave Levtov
PowerSkating Academy

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