Ice Long jump should be considered for 2018

Dec 17, 2014

By: Daniel Zakrzewski, TSN Bardown

Have you ever sat and thought to yourself, “the winter olympics needs more events”, well we may have just found an event worth pitching to the Olympic commitee – Long Jump on Ice.

The long jump video comes out of the “Power Skating Academy” where apparently you too may be able to learn to leap over two hockey nets from end to end on ice. Although the feat is certainly more impressive on ice, former Leafs defenceman Nathan Perrot shows us how to practice for this would-be event with some dry land training.

But if you really want to be considered for this hypothetical Olympic ice long jump team, you’ve got to push yourself. Perrot’s jump over one net was impressive, but as PowerSkating Academy student Kosta Likourezos showed us, it’s all about jumping over two nets. Just maybe try to pull it off a little bit better than this guy though.

Mr. Likourezos, the 2018 Winter Olympics await you.

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