November – December Sessions

All of the classes are broken down similarly into two main sections: power side and edge side. Our power side focuses on all the basic skating skills needed to play hockey—forward and backward stride, stops, turns etc. Our edge side focuses on the technical foundations of skating—one-foot edges, 3-turns, slaloms etc. Upper body control and knee bend are the 2 biggest priorities in skill development. Edge side and power side work in tandem to develop, enhance and master your overall skating ability. Groups are organized by skill, then maturity then age.

Classes are booked in 2 month increments.

MONDAYS at Scotiabank Pond
(7 Weeks)

November 6th – December 18th    

$420 + HST ($474.60)

  • 4:45pm – Master Power & Elite.  LIMITED AVAILABILITY
  • 5:45pm – Power & Master Power. SOLD OUT


WEDNESDAYS at Scotiabank Pond
(8 Weeks)

November 1st – December 20th

$480 + HST ($542.40)

  • 4:45pm – Master Power & Elite. LIMITED AVAILABILITY
  • 5:45pm – Learn to Skate & Power. SOLD OUT


SATURDAYS at Scotiabank Pond
(5 Weeks)

November 4th – December 16th
(No classes Nov 18th or Dec 9th)

$300 + HST ($339)

  • 10am – Master Power & Elite. LIMITED AVAILABILITY
  • 11am – Learn to Skate & Power  SOLD OUT


SUNDAYS at Ed Sackfield Arena
(6 Weeks)

November 5th – December 17th
(No classes Dec 3rd)

$360 + HST ($406.80)

  • 11:45am – Master Power & Elite. AVAILABILITY
  • 12:45pm – Learn to Skate & Power. LIMITED AVAILABILITY

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EQUIPMENT All power, master and elite classes are full equipment with a stick. Learn to Skate classes helmet with cage, gloves, skates, and warm winter wear.

ENTERING ARENA rink can be entered at any time, dressing rooms are available 30 minutes prior to class time.

SPECTATING is allowed at all arenas.

No parents, unregistered skaters or observers allowed on ice at anytime.

PAYMENT OPTIONS  E-transfer, Credit Card.

Please fill out form to register

Questions? Get in touch with us at (416) 406-0550

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