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Our certified hockey, power skating, and figure skating coaches are experienced in PSA’s proven coaching method, and have experience as competitive figure skaters, professional hockey players, team captains, school teachers, and more.

dave-levtovDave Levtov

 Co-founder, Director, Head Coach, Power skating specialist and International Musician

International skating coach Dave Levtov has worked throughout North America and Europe with players of all ages and skill levels. Dave perfected his skating methodology through training with elite coaches in both the figure skating and hockey worlds. Through his mentorship in figure skating, Dave has been able to incorporate elite figure skating technique into the hockey world.

Dave developed PSA’s powerful slow and perfect approach to athletic training and has created a system that guarantees great skating for hockey. Having worked as a professional freelance musician and music teacher at Humber College – playing on hundreds of television shows and commercials – Dave understands that practice, focus, time and dedication are required to excel at an elite level.

Dave’s main focus has been long-term development with players in the Toronto area. Opportunities to help players from other parts of the world are always welcome. He has worked with several players in the KHL, junior and minor and pro leagues, as well as a vast number of minor hockey superstars.


Laura Levtov

Co-founder, Director, and Head Coach, Edge Specialist

Laura has more than 30 years of competitive coaching experience, NCCP Level 3 certification, and is a well-respected coach in the Canadian Figure Skating world. Prior to co-founding PowerSkating Academy with Dave in 2008, she founded funSKATE in 1993. A passionate athlete, Laura is also a multiple marathon runner, fitness enthusiast, world traveler, and has climbed Mount Everest twice.

“I believe that every child has the ability to reach his or her full potential, and I am passionate about inspiring them with the love of skating that will drive them to reach their potential, both on the ice and in all areas of life!”


Joscelyn Lund

Director, Edge Specialist

A triple-gold medalist in figure skating, Joscelyn was the last gold medalist in figures in Canada – a skill very few have or will have in the world. Joscelyn has worked with PowerSkating Academy since its inception, helping develop one-of-a-kind program, and training all of our Hall of Fame students. She is truly a gift to all hockey players searching to become their best. In a world that requires you to stand out, Joscelyn makes that happen. PowerSkating Academy is honoured to have her as part of our team.


Tim Turk

NHL Shooting Coach

An NHL skills and shooting coach since 2001, Tim recently completed a 6 year stretch with the Montreal Canadiens and is currently working with the Carolina Hurricanes, Tampa Bay Lightning, and Philadelphia Flyers. His coaching specialties include puck skills, shooting, puck protection, puck battling, and body contact (impact and pinning) both offensively and defensively. Tim’s approach to teaching puck skills is in line with PowerSkating Academy’s philosophy of slow and perfect – “perfect practice makes perfect”.


Emanuel Sandhu

Edge Specialist

Three time national champion, two time Olympic qualifier, and world competitor Emanuel Sandhu brings a vast array of experience to PowerSkating Academy. A graduate of the National Ballet School of Canada, Sandhu has an extensive background in both figure skating and dance. In 2009, Sandhu made the top 20 on So You Think You Can Dance Canada, finishing in the top 6. A simple Google search provides in-depth lists detailing all of Sandhu’s various accomplishments in both dance and figure skating. Emanuel’s talent and experience is invaluable all PowerSkating Academy students.


Bryan Deasley

Dynamic Skills Training Coach

Bryan Deasley is a 20 year hockey professional with a focus on athletic development. Not only a clinic specialist and player advisor with an extensive background in both coaching and playing, Bryan has also managed skill development for over 100 NHL players. Bryan has played for the University of Michigan, was a first round NHL draft pick, member of Team Canada for gold and silver medals, and is a former pro hockey player. Bryan is an advocate of PowerSkating Academy’s exclusive skating system and combines hockey specific movements to further advance elite player development. His PowerSkating Academy students greatly benefit from all Bryan has to offer.


Chris Longo

Game Specific Hockey Skills Coach and Power skating coach

A Belleville native, the 1990 OHL Rookie of the Year with the Peterborough Petes, and third round NHL draft pick of the Washington Capitals, Chris is currently serving as the Bulls’ lead hockey development instructor. Longo enjoyed an 11 year minor pro career including stops in Baltimore, Portland, Springfield, Cleveland, Jackson, Toledo and Italy. Chris Longo shares PowerSkating Academy’s passion and vision of changing the face of hockey starting at the grassroots level.


Miles Levtov

Assistant Program Director, Head Coach

Miles Levtov has been coaching with PowerSkating Academy since its creation, and is one of PSA’s highest level skating students. After only 7 years of playing hockey, Miles is currently playing at the College level, with the goal of making a European team after he completes his education. His phenomenal skating has allowed him to reach this level in such a short period of time.

“Having been raised in the PSA community, I have had the value of learning how to become the best skater I can be as well as helping others to reach their greatest potential. Hockey has allowed me to travel and train with some of the top coaches in the world and to experience and learn great things. Every skater should be able to learn and have fun at the same time.”



Jurell King

funSKATE Director, Power Skating Coach and Edge Specialist

Jurell has over 22 years of skating experience, first stepping onto the ice at the age of 3. Jurell is a former competitive figure skater and was coached by some of the best figure skating instructors in the world, including Olympic coaches and national/world Champions. PowerSkating Academy students greatly benefit from Jurell’s extensive coaching and competitive skating experience.

“I am believe in constant improvement and even though I don’t compete I always try and improve my own skating skills. I try and pass on the same beliefs to my students so that they can reach there own skating goals.”


Konstantin Beloborodov

 Power Skating Coach

Konstantin started skating with PowerSkating Academy at the age of 15. His dedication and commitment to excellence has made him a member of our elite skating team and our coaching staff in just 3 years. Konstantin is currently studying Kinesiology at York University. He is a true testament to how desire combined with our technical skating system creates a great skater.

“Through coaching I have improved my own skating as well. Analyzing and correcting the technique of others is a powerful learning tool.”


Josh Walt

Power Skating Coach

A student of PowerSkating Academy since the age of 9, Josh recently made the U-19 Team Canada Hockey Team for the 2013 Maccabiah Games (third largest sporting event in the world). Josh scored six points in five games helping his team become the only Junior Canadian team to win gold at this sporting event.

“My goal is to see growth in other players’ skating ability and to inspire them to achieve more than they knew they could. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with other hockey players so they can learn to skate with a strong technical background. Hands-on teaching is the most important element in fixing key details in one’s skating.”

Grant Holliday

Power Skating & Game Specific Hockey Skills

Professional hockey player, Grant Holliday, started his hockey career in Toronto. Before playing professionally, Grant took seven years off to complete an honors degree at Queens University. Returning to the game at twenty-four years old, his training introduced him to the PowerSkating Academy and was the start of the relationship. After ten months of training, he earned a main camp spot with the Brampton Beast of the ECHL. He played that season with Danville Dashers. With twelve years of teaching experience from tyke to NHL levels, grant brings great understanding of the importance of lower body angles, and upper body control. 2018 marks Grant’s first session with PowerSkating Academy.

“Studying the learning process is one of my greatest passions.  I enjoy deconstructing skills and challenging myself to sequence the progressions accordingly while delivering clear and effective feedback. I am a coach that wants to get better every single day, just like my students.”

Shannon Walmsley

Edge Specialist

Professional Figure Skating Coach, Shannon Walmsley, was a competitive figure skater for 17 years. Since 2000, she has had her professional figure skating coaching certification as well as NCCP level 2. This adds to the extensive list of certifications in other fields such as health and wellness, nutrition and personal training. While attending Cambrain College, she studied Fitness/Kinesiology and Business through a joint program with Laurentian University. Before moving into the coaching world, Shannon earned a diploma in Physio. Now she focusses more of her time into growing her children, but all of the children she teaches with the PowerSkating Academy.

“Truly, I just love to skate and to teach and I hope I can help to inspire others to keep learning, keep trying to learn and to keep growing. Hopefully they will continue to live healthy active lives, and use the confidence they built from their sport to go on to achieve great things whether that be in sport or their career”

Ryan O’Reilly

PowerSkating Coach

Long time PowerSkating Academy skater turned coach, Ryan O’Reilly, has been a part of the PSA family since he was 10 years old. Ryan noticed quickly that his improved skating ability would open his doors in the hockey world. Being fortunate enough to train mainly with Dave & Laura, his connection to the two of them grew to the point where he accompanied Laura to Nepal to climb to the basecamp of Mount Everest. His maturity allowed him to teach groups since he was 14 years old, and the experience he gained from that improved not only only his knowledge, but his coaches eye. That’s the ability to notice a mistake, and understand the possible methods to correct it efficiently. Having grown up working on his skating with PSA, he is well versed with the methodology and the expectations of all students that progress through our system.

“I believe the only way a student can truly improve is through the perfection of practice.  If you’re unable to perfect a skill, don’t progress on to something harder, take your time to learn and master your basics first. I’m of the opinion that hockey, and sport in general, is a blessing, and to be able to share my knowledge, motivate, and inspire those who love the game, highlight in my life.”

Julia Moro

Edge Specalist

Edge Specialist, Julia Moro, grew up as part of the PowerSkating Academy since age 5. She was a member of the Figure Skating Academy (a division of PSA) and went on to earn all of her Gold Tests, which include; free skate, dance and skills and interpretive. She continued skating with a Synchronized Skating team and during her first year, they placed third in the National Championships. Julia started teaching with PowerSkating Academy at the age of 13, and by 16 she was already proficient enough to train her own groups. Bring raised as a student of PSA, Julia applies the same learning structure, and expectations that were placed on her through her training.

“I fell in love with skating at a young age and by coaching I hope to instill that same love of skating I have with each child. While at the same time working hard to making corrections and always improving”

Nouri Wafaei

PowerSkating Coach

PowerSkating coach and Learn to Play instructor, Nouri Wafaei grew up in the GTA with hockey being a big part of his upbringing. Nouri attending PSA when he was in grade 8 and noticed an immediate change to what was possible in his skating ability. The new knowledge of edge control opened his horizons and allowed to him to play Jr hockey. Nouri has now shifted his focus from playing hockey, to coaching and improving his ability as a coach. Nouri has taught with PSA since 2016, and uses his attention to detail to create great results.

“My philosophy for teaching has an emphasis on detail and consistency. Approaching new techniques with a strong foundation that has been repeated numerous times allows for students to hone the advanced skill to perfection.”

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