Hi Skaters,


We are excited to share with you that rinks are starting to open! We want to thank all of our clients for your continued patience with us.

Things are very different, and they will continue to be different for the near future, that said the arenas have more restrictions, more rules, and less ice. As of now we are only offering private/semi-private lessons. The ice availability that we have, will change week by week.

A general list of what the rinks are doing differently is: signing waivers, limited interactions, restricted access to specific facilities. We can explain in detail what the changes are if you’d like to reach out to us through email.

We are only offering private/semi-private lessons because we are limited to a five (5) skaters on the ice during an ice-hour, which must include coaching staff. We are dividing our ice into halves so we can have two coaches teach two different lessons with a maximum of three (3) students. This means if there is one coach teaching a lesson, there is a maximum of four (4) students.

To limit the number of people in a facility at a time, ice slots are spread out leaving time in between them for sanitizing and prep work. This also means ice availability is limited.

We look forward to working together with the rinks, and our clients to make sure we stay safe, and move forward.


Dave Levtov

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