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About Helambu

Helambu is a region located northeast of Kathmandu, in the Sindupalchowk district of Nepal. The region is in the foothills of the Himalayans, south of Langtang National Park, and is mainly populated by the Hyolmo people who can trace their ancestry back to Tibet, and the Tamangs. Hyolmo culture, traditions, and language resemble that of Tibetan Buddhism. Both indigenous groups living in Helambu have been marginalized by Nepali society and have limited access to quality education and are mostly subsistence farmers by occupation. In addition, family members are often sent to work in India to help support their families.

Our Mission

Relief of Poverty

To relieve poverty in Nepal by developing and implementing recreation, education, and social integration programs, primarily aimed at girls in need.


To develop or promote public health in Nepal by educating and instructing the public of the benefits of physical exercise, especially for girls.

Educational Activities

To improve the quality of education available to young girls in Nepal by establishing and operating a community centre to be used for workshops, programs, athletics, drama, art, music, handicrafts, hobbies and recreation for the benefit of the community, primarily aimed at girls in need.

Our Initiatives

Some of our initiatives include:

  • Scholarship Program
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Building Projects
  • Fundraising Treks
  • and many others
Scholarship Program

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Access to quality education is limited in Helambu, due to lack of resources and awareness of the importance of education.

Freedom on Ice Nepal provides scholarships to students in Nepal who have demonstrated academic and leadership potential, and is primarily aimed at girls with financial need.

It is especially difficult for girls to obtain a quality education as cultural and familial pressures force them to stay at home to help their family’s subsistence while other members of their family work abroad. In addition, some girls are sent to work in India, the Middle East, and other countries, while others are sold to human traffickers.

A donation for as little as 60,000 NPR (approx. $725 CAD) could cover all tuition, administration, lab, and accommodation fees for their first year of study depending on which college and educational stream they choose (science, management, or humanities). It would not include books, uniform, school supplies, or field trips (approx. 10,000 NPR or $120 CAD).

Volunteer Opportunities

Freedom on Ice Nepal offers volunteer placements in one or more of the villages in the Helambu region. It is not essential for volunteers to have completed formal qualifications, however, a background in education or medical experience is an asset. All volunteers must complete an application, and will undergo a screening process before a placement is arranged through our partner organization, the Helambu Education and Livelihood Project (HELP).

Interested in volunteering with us? Please contact us for more information.

Our Progress


Per year is what it costs to send 10 girls to school including their room and board


Educational scholarships given to girls who could not afford school and would otherwise be sold off


Volunteers have been to Nepal to raise money, volunteer at schools and help with building projects

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